Marble Counter-tops Long Island

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Marble Counter-tops Long Island

AG Marble is the #1 seller of marble counter-tops in Long Island, and we are the leading marble counter-top fabricators in Long Island. If you are buying a house, our team can help you with answers for questions like ‘should I get a marble counter-top’? ‘Is marble better than quartz and granite counter-tops’, etc.

Benefits of marble counter-tops

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones used for adorning homes that adds elegance, flamboyance, and grandeur to your space. Some of the advantages of marble counter-tops include:

  • Aesthetic appeal – They add a touch of glamour and sheen to your kitchen and bathrooms. They make a bold statement and come in a wide range of colors and designs. Homeowners can let their creativity flow and choose a marble that best reflects their taste, preference, and personality. 
  • Originality – When you design a part of your space in marble, you are bringing in an element of nature into your home. It also helps reduce the temperature in your home and keep it cool.
  • Increases home value – A well-maintained marble counter-top can last for several years and increase the value of your home.

Marble counter-tops are perfect for small families and areas with minimal foot traffic in your house. We manufacture our Long Island marble and granite stones using the best fabrication techniques to ensure that our customer gets the best value for their money.

Top reasons to choose us for marble counter-tops

Marble counter-tops are one of our top selling products, and they come in a variety of patterns and colors, making it the most beautiful home addition. We customize our slabs by placing the veining perfectly. Our team of designers and fabricators artfully place the markings on slabs, in such a way that they perfectly complement your kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas in your home.

Most of our clients choose us as our marble slabs are longer in size and come without any seams. Also, we cut the marble blocks in a variety of ways to get unique veining patterns. Besides, we use the latest technology for brushing and polishing to produce marble slabs with the best texture, smoothness, and finish.

How to select marble for counter-tops?

Choosing the right marble slab for your counter-tops can be a challenging task to accomplish. Make sure to visit a store with a preset idea of what color, design, and veining, that you want in a marble counter-top. Inspect the pieces carefully for any fissures and cracks before making an order. Lastly, ask the seller for a sample piece, so that you can take it home and color-coordinate it with your floors, walls, and other interiors in your home. Buy a counter-top in dark colors like grey or black, as dark-colored slabs require very little maintenance.

To buy Marble and granite counter-tops in Long Island, NY, cheap, call, or visit AG Marble today. We are a leading manufacturer and seller of marble counter-tops, and we also offer exceptional installation services.

Marble Counter-tops Long Island

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