Kitchen Marble counter-tops Long Island

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Kitchen Marble counter-tops Long Island

Congratulations! for being among the millions of homeowners who choose marble to remodel their kitchens counter-tops. If you’re looking for the best quality yet affordable kitchen marble counter-tops in Long Island, you’re in the right place. AG Marble is one of the most significant natural stone fabrication and installation company in NY, providing the highest quality and beautiful marble counter-top you’re looking for.

Marble fabrication and installation process

If you want to buy marble and granite counter-tops in Long Island, NY, it’s in your best interest to a little bit about the fabrication process as well as the installation process. We love it when our clients understand the whole process for practical cooperation and communication throughout the project.

However, this outline focuses on natural stone kitchen counter-tops, but the process is similar for all quartz, granite or marble fabrication and installations. Once you’ve got a job confirmation, the kitchen marble counter-top project goes through various steps from the manufacturing to installation. The process involves:

  • Slab selection
  • Templating
  • Slap cutting
  • Producing perfect seams
  • Polishing and sealing
  • Selecting a sink
  • Choosing a faucet
  • Remove old counter-top
  • Install and fit the slabs
  • Join the seams
  • Attach to cabinets
  • Apply sealer
  • Job completion

Benefits of kitchen marble counter-tops

Marble and granite counter-tops purchase is typical among many homeowners who focus on beautifying their kitchens. However, marble may not be as famous as granite counter-tops in Long Island, but this stone has a lot to offer you.

If you’re considering choosing marble for your kitchen counter-top, please don’t change your mind. This stone offers a sense of luxury with a brightness that perfectly suits large or smaller kitchens that have insufficient natural light. Besides that, marble counter-top will also provide you with the following benefits:

  • Good for baking
  • Timeless elegance
  • Durability
  • Unique kitchen
  • Aesthetics
  • Higher home value
  • Uniform level counter-top
  • Countless color options available
  • Heat and bacteria resistance
  • Easier to shape
  • Easy to find and affordability

How to care for marble counter-tops

Although it’s easy to clean and maintain marble, you should also put effort into protecting your counter-top against staining and etching, but thankfully not a lot of energy. However, some adverse results may only occur if you fail to follow some simple steps to care for your marble counter-top. As the top Long Island granite and marble counter-tops fabricators and installers, we’d like to share tips on how to care for the marble to ensure it stays lively for many years. Here’re our simple tips:

  • Clean after use
  • Watch out for acids
  • Apply a marble sealer
  • Use marble cleaners only
  • Try comet or baking soda to reduce scratches
  • Use absorbent drying mat to protect it from etching

If you need to give your kitchen a glorious look then you need to choose the best kitchen marble counter-tops in Long Island. Don’t stress yourself finding the right marble fabricator and installer in NY. AG Marble experts are here to offer you high-quality and lowest pricing marble counter-top installation in Long Island, NY. Please, contact us now to get free estimates.   

Kitchen Marble counter-tops Long Island

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