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Glass For Architecture

Glass has revolutionized modern day architecture and can be used both inside and outside of a structure to deliver a gorgeous presentation.

The Beauty of Glass

Glass is the most modern style of green construction materials in the 21st century. This material can be applied in decoration for inside and outside surfacing application such as walls, flooring, round pillars, countertops, desktops, tabletops, island tops, shower surrounds and etc.

Glass also call Micro Crystal Glass or Crystal rock. This material is produced by chosen non-metal material, melted in 1500 degree (°C) Celsius, and burn 36 hours in 1100 degree (°C) Celsius. It has better function than normal glass, ceramic, stone and marble. It also has better performance in respects of mechanical strength, anti-wearing, corrosion resistance, electricity isolation and temperature resistance.

Glass Varieties

Glass 1

Lazza Glass

Glass 2

White Crystallized Glass

Size available in 3/4″ | Thickness: 94″x55″
Glass 3

Ocean Blue Glass

Size available in 5/8″ | Thickness: 94″x47″
Glass 4

Dove Grey Glass

Size available in 5/8″ | Thickness: 94″x55″
Glass 5

Champagne Beige Glass

Size available in 5/8″ | Thickness: 94″x55″